Turn Rework Cost
Into Profit

Eliminate Doubt Enhance Inference

A Single Platform That Supports You
Throughout The Project

Ensure Design Accuracy
Cut down on coordination time spent undetected soft clashes by increasing the understanding of non technical stakeholders through one click tools and interdisciplinary features,while allowing for accurate design sign offs via Virtual Reality (VR) functionality
Eliminate Doubt On-site
Decrease build errors by reducing guesswork caused by limited data interface on-site; overlay BIM information via Augmented Reality (AR) utilisation which enables better decision making and data guidance through utilities survey to structural framing and MEP fit-outs.
Automate As-Built Checks
Reduce reliance on manual progress and quality checks with our Machine Learning ( ML/Al ) engine that automatically compares site images and point cloud scans with your BIM model in order to generate an unbiased report on the true state of your construction project.
30% Of All Construction
Performed Is Rework
This typically amounts to 15% of the total contract value being attributed to reworks. As contractor margins have steadily decreased over the years, and 8% to 15% is considered a good rate of return. Any reduction in rework could yield a significant increase in profits for the project P&L.
We can help you reduce uncertainty in the design and construction process. This helps to estimate costs more accurately and avoids unnecessary waste.


An Extension Of Your Team, Beyond Technology

At INFR, we see ourselves as part of your project, with a singular shared goal: ensuring that your project turns rework cost into profit. With a global network of dedicated partners to support you from tender to handover, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

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